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Free Up Even More Floor Space with a Garage Vacuum That Conveniently Hangs on the Wall!

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Now you can free up even more floor space with a garage vacuum that conveniently hangs on the wall! It will be so much easier to keep your newly organized garage looking great once you’ve installed the compact, yet powerful GarageVac.

At just 30” long x 15” wide x 5” deep, this is a self-contained and wall-mounted garage vacuum system that will never get in your way. You won’t have to worry about contaminated, dust filled air while you’re using your GarageVac garage vacuum thanks to the built-in hypo-allergenic filtration system. And the powerful 12-amp motor ensures you can easily vacuum out those hard to reach places in your garage and car.

The GarageVac Is Everything You Need In A Compact Unit And Only Takes 5 Minutes To Install!

You’ll have used your garage vacuum for months before ever needing to replace the 8 LBS. bag. The vacuum chamber is a patented design that will prevent the dust bag from collapsing. So, the suction in your garage vacuum should remain powerful whether the bag is empty or nearly full.

But the best feature on the GarageVac is the hose. The hose can be stretched up to 40’ long so you can vacuum out your car even if it’s sitting at the end of your driveway! And that same hose will shrink back down to only 8’ when wrapped around the body of the garage vacuum for storage.

You get some great attachments with it too…An adjustable steel wand, a crevice attachment, a dashboard brush, the 24” flexible crevice tool, an upholstery cleaner, and a floor attachment. Those all store neatly within the tool caddie integrated within the GarageVac.

We’re so confident in the quality of the American made GarageVac garage vacuum, we’re able to back it with a 6-year warranty from the manufacturer. If you discover a defect or experience a malfunction due to manufacturing, your GarageVac will be replaced.Ready to upgrade your bulky canister garage vacuum? Give Garagesmith a call today to learn how you can have a GarageVac professionally installed in your home.

Garagesmith offers GarageVac vacuums in a choice of three colors… red, white, or black.

Three Color Options Available

Garage Vacuum Worcester MA
Garage Vacuum Worcester MA
Garage Vacuums Worcester MA

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