High standards. Attention to detail. Top quality material and hardware are what separates our line of garage storage cabinetry from our competitors. Powder coated cabinet exterior surfaces  won't  fade or deteriorate in  a typical garage environment.        


​​​​Garage storage cabinetry has a lot to offer and here you will see examples of some of what Garagesmith Garage Storage Solutions and Redline Garagegear can and has delivered to their customers.

Home Remodeling in Temecula

​​Garagesmith  Garage Storage Solutions delivers high quality by offering garage storage cabinetry that's made for the garage.

In addition to storage cabinetry , Garagesmith  Garage Storage Solutions  also provides ceiling racks, stationary and portable workbenches slatwall storage and tire storage racks 

GarageSmith Garage Storage Solutions provides storage cabinetry from Redline Garagegear of South Beloit, IL. an industry leader in the manufacture and design of preengineered storage cabinetry. Their powder coating process and attractive color choices offer our customers the most options when designing their garage storage plan. If you are looking for professional garage storage cabinetry  sales and installation , please visit our contact page.

When you decide to schedule a consultation, the process begins.

We will meet and discuss with you the  needs you have along with the services we can offer.  We will submit a computerized 3D sample design, specific to your garage, along with a detailed project proposal. Once approved your project materials will enter the manufacturing process. Our cabinetry is not pre-built and waiting for shipment which keeps costs lower than our competitors.  That means a lower cost for our customers.



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